Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Excellent Insurance Policy

My husband's company hosted a rather extravagent gala last night for one of his top clients. Being the duitful wife, I felt compelled to attend. Bethany, the account manager for the lingerie client was at the party. I suppose she had to be, but she was making quite the scene. Drinking. Laughing. Drawing attention to herself. I’m happy in a way that my husband could see her for the sloppy drunk that she is.

You might wonder why I stay with a man that entertains infidelity. I’m a realist. Any man in his position entertains those thoughts. I know he has a tendency to roam. He was roaming, after all, when he met me. It’s a war out there, and I’m merely protecting my territory. That’s why I have people close to my husband who are my eyes and ears when I can’t be there.

Josie, for example, my husband’s right hand girl, was someone I found and placed in his employ. You might say that she’s indebted to me. I helped her get on her feet, and I know her deep dark secret. If she ever let me down, I might have to let others know as well. She’s what I call an excellent insurance policy.

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