Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mutual Understanding

Josie and I had a long overdue dinner the other night. I confronted her about my husband’s extra-curricular activities. I reminded her that I CREATED the job she holds, and unless she helps me keep him in line, I could make that job disappear.

Very quickly Josie and I came to a mutual understanding. She wants to keep her job, and I want to keep my husband. Sometimes the only currency that’s worth anything are the secrets we keep. I told her flat out, I want to know where Veronica lives, and if she calls or has been trying to see my husband. Josie promised to monitor the situation, and further offered that my husband’s affinity for temps is alive and well. She showed me a picture of one of them, and it turns out that that is the woman my husband picked up outside her apartment a few weeks ago.

Her name, according to Josie, is Katherine. And I get the feeling that Josie wanted her for herself. I’m quite certain now that I will have to confront my husband about this philandering. If I could catch him out with one of these women... Accidentally bump into him, then he’d never need to know about the spying online. I may have to do that soon, as this behavior MUST END.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I'm not sure of anything. It's hard to trust anymore. My paranoia is escalating. I don't know how to stop it. Who is this man that I'm married to? As I watched him get into his car with this other woman, I called his secretary, Esmerelda, and she lied for him--said he was in a meeting. I thought Esmerelda was my friend... and I thought my husband was faithful. (Or at least trying to be.) Perhaps the joke's on me.

If you are reading this I would so appreciate some counsel. You can e-mail me as well or leave a comment. It's time to keep my husband in line.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Why Wont These Women Leave Him Alone?

Why won’t these women leave him alone?!?!

Her real name is Veronica - she used to be a temp at my husband’s office - but her IM name is apparently ROCKETGIRL. The slut. Check out the IM conversation that I happen to come upon. I need to stop this before it starts again.

ROCKETGIRL: Dear Harrison, the answers are: great sex, cheap beer, and the Rolling Stones.
ADEX: Provocative questions. Remind me of the question
ROCKETGIRL: It’s a riddle
ADEX: What’s your name?
ADEX: Are you blonde?
ADEX: I like dirty
ADEX: I’d like to get a fistful
ADEX: Are you turned on?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Excellent Insurance Policy

My husband's company hosted a rather extravagent gala last night for one of his top clients. Being the duitful wife, I felt compelled to attend. Bethany, the account manager for the lingerie client was at the party. I suppose she had to be, but she was making quite the scene. Drinking. Laughing. Drawing attention to herself. I’m happy in a way that my husband could see her for the sloppy drunk that she is.

You might wonder why I stay with a man that entertains infidelity. I’m a realist. Any man in his position entertains those thoughts. I know he has a tendency to roam. He was roaming, after all, when he met me. It’s a war out there, and I’m merely protecting my territory. That’s why I have people close to my husband who are my eyes and ears when I can’t be there.

Josie, for example, my husband’s right hand girl, was someone I found and placed in his employ. You might say that she’s indebted to me. I helped her get on her feet, and I know her deep dark secret. If she ever let me down, I might have to let others know as well. She’s what I call an excellent insurance policy.