Friday, January 19, 2007

Why Wont These Women Leave Him Alone?

Why won’t these women leave him alone?!?!

Her real name is Veronica - she used to be a temp at my husband’s office - but her IM name is apparently ROCKETGIRL. The slut. Check out the IM conversation that I happen to come upon. I need to stop this before it starts again.

ROCKETGIRL: Dear Harrison, the answers are: great sex, cheap beer, and the Rolling Stones.
ADEX: Provocative questions. Remind me of the question
ROCKETGIRL: It’s a riddle
ADEX: What’s your name?
ADEX: Are you blonde?
ADEX: I like dirty
ADEX: I’d like to get a fistful
ADEX: Are you turned on?

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