Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Need 2 No

I’m rather new to the online world. But my husband seems to be making lots of friends this way. I thought I might try too. The strength of the Internet may also turn out to be its weakness. You never really do know who you’re talking to. And you also never really know who’s listening.

The other day, for example; my husband had left his computer on. I didn’t realize it. I was sitting at the desk, when suddenly a message appeared on the screen from someone named…FASTFILLY. And she had some pretty interesting things to say to ADEX, my husband’s oh so obvious handle. (he’s an Advertising Executive). It was a golden opportunity. I mean, how often can one pose as one’s husband?

She told him (me) everything she thought of me and why I was the wrong woman for him. If I can get on his account, I may e-mail her again. How does one get on accounts without passwords? Any idea? Please e-mail me ASAP. Willing to pay for quick fix!

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